Sensor Security

Sensors measure physical quantities from the surrounding environment and convert them into digital signals. These sensors are exposed to various security threats, especially attacks at the physical layer, which are difficult to detect and can cause serious errors in the system. Therefore, ensuring the security of physical layer signals is crucial for maintaining the stability of all systems utilizing sensors. Our primary goal is to develop detection and response systems to protect these signals, enabling sensor-based applications to operate more securely.

Research Topics 

Signal Injection

  Attackers inject physical layer signals into sensors, causing them to produce incorrect readings. Such attacks can lead to system malfunctions.

Signal Processing

  Signals injected by attackers from external sources cause errors in sensor measurements. Our research focuses on utilizing signal processing techniques to eliminate these errors and restore accurate measurement values.

AI Perception

  AI perception, dependent on sensor data integrity for environment interpretation, faces vulnerabilities from attacks like signal injection. Ensuring its security involves robust data validation and securing communication channels to protect against data manipulation.

Leading Researcher

Hyunsu Cho

EMSEC, PhD Student

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