Crypto & Security Research Group,
School of Cybersecurity


Welcome to the Crypto & Security Research Group at the School of Cybersecurity, Korea University, Republic of Korea. With respect to research interests, this group can be divided into two labs: the Cryptographic Protocol lab and the Embedded Security lab (EMSEC). In 2001, this research group began as a single lab, the Cryptographic Protocol Lab, under the supervision of Prof. Lee. Additionally, the Cryptographic Protocol Lab was one of the labs initiated when the School of Cybersecurity was established at Korea University.  In the early 2010s, with the emergence of smartphones as a developing technology, researchers in the Cryptographic Protocol lab became interested in security concerns related to smartphones. As a result, EMSEC was spun off with researchers who shared an interest in security. In 2023, Prof. Choi joined EMSEC, and he now co-supervises EMSEC alongside Prof. Lee.  Currently, the two labs are focused on different fields; however, they maintain a close relationship. We often go on trips together, typically about twice a year. :)

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