The following list is our publications for recent 3 years.
You can find publications on most of them in Google Scholar.


[To be published] Jeongsu Park and Dong Hoon Lee, Privacy Preserving k-Nearest Neighbor for Medical Diagnosis in e-Health Cloud, Journal of Healthcare Engineering, 2018.

[To be published] Jae-Yung Lee, Jae Hyuk Suk and Dong Hoon Lee, VODKA : Virtualization Obfuscation using Dynamic Key Approach, World Conference on Information Security Applications(WISA), 2018.

Jin Hyung Park and Dong Hoon LeeFACE: Fast AES CTR mode Encryption Techniques based on the Reuse of Repetitive Data, Conference on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems(CHES), 2018.

Jae Hyuk Suk, Jae-Yung Lee, Hongjoo Jin, In Seok Kim, Dong Hoon LeeUnThemida: Commercial Obfuscation Technique Analysis with Fully Obfuscated Program, SOFTWARE—PRACTICE AND EXPERIENCE, 2018.

Wonsuk Choi, Youngkyung Lee, Duhyeong Lee, Hyoseung Kim, Jin Hyung Park, Dong Hoon Lee, In Seok KimLess Communication: Energy-Efficient Key Exchange for Securing Implantable Medical Devices, Security and Communication Networks, 2018.

Wonsuk Choi, Minhye Seo, Dong Hoon Lee,  Sound-Proximity: 2-Factor Authentication against Relay Attack on Passive Keyless Entry and Start System. Journal of Advanced Transportation, 2018.

Wonsuk Choi, Hyo Jin Jo, Samuel Woo, Ji Young Chun, Jooyoung Park, Dong Hoon Lee, Identifying ECUs through Inimitable Characteristics of Signals in Controller Area Networks, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, 2018.

Wonsuk Choi, Kyungho Joo, Hyo Jin Jo, Moon Chan Park, Dong Hoon Lee, VoltageIDS: Low-Level Communication Characteristics for Automotive Intrusion Detection System, IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, 2018.

Jin Hyung Park, Seok Man Yoo, In Seok Kim, Dong Hoon Lee, Security Architecture for a Secure Database on Android, IEEE Access, 2018.

Hyo Jin Jo, In Seok Kim, Dong Hoon Lee,  Reliable Cooperative Authentication for Vehicular Networks. IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 2018.


Wonsuk Choi, In Seok Kim, Dong Hoon Lee, E2PKA: An Energy-Efficient and PV-Based Key Agreement Scheme for Body Area Networks. Wireless Personal Communications, 2017.

Kwangsu Lee, Dong Hoon Lee, Jong Hwan Park,  Efficient revocable identity-based encryption via subset difference methods. Designs, Codes and Cryptography, 2017.

Eun Su Jeong, In Seok Kim, Dong Hoon Lee,  SafeGuard: a behavior based real-time malware detection scheme for mobile multimedia applications in android platform. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2017.

Hyo Jin Jo, Wonsuk Choi, Seoung Yeop Na, Samuel Woo, Dong Hoon Lee,  Vulnerabilities of android OS-based telematics system. Wireless Personal Communications, 2017.

Sunwoo Lee, Wonsuk Choi, Dong Hoon Lee,  Ulrera!: Securing Ultrasonic Sensor based on Signal Relation and Randomness. USENIX Security, 2017. [POSTER]

Kyungho Joo, Wonsuk Choi, Dong Hoon Lee,  Hold The Door!: RF Fingerprint extraction in keyless entry system. USENIX Security, 2017. [POSTER]

Joon Sik Kim, Youngkyung Lee, Jieun Eom, Dong Hoon Lee,  Recipient Revocable Broadcast Encryption with Delearship. ICISC 2017.


Jieun Eom, Dong Hoon Lee, Kwangsu Lee, Patient-controlled attribute-based encryption for secure electronic health records system, Journal of medical systems, 2016.

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Jung Ha Paik, Kwantae Cho, Boo Geum Jung, Dong Hoon Lee, Client cloud Web service: reducing traffic consumption, Security and Communication Networks, 2016.

Kitak Kim, Jong Hwan Park, Dong Hoon Lee, Selectively chosen ciphertext security in threshold public-key encryption, Security and Communication Networks, 2016.